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Thank you for visiting Pure Body Balance - health and performance store. We are a relative new online company but as a company we have been established for 5 years now. We run a successful Health and Performance clinic in Cheltenham Spa where we help many individuals to improve their health, wellness, performance and happiness.

We set up this site to sell only products that we truly beleive in. We only intend to sell products that we also addopt into our own lives. We feel it is so important to passionate about your services and stock and to 100% beleive in what you are selling in business and life.

We love our Fivefingers and Coconoil and want to share these with everyone, thus we have established the online store.

If you would like more info on Fivefingers or any of the products we sell or feel you have further questions about Fivefingers, please call 01242 254662 or email us on

If you are interested in how we can help you improve your health on every level at pure body balance - health & performance clinic, practical nutrition, lifestyle management and performance conditioning are brought together to care for every aspect of your wellbeing.

Our pioneering clinical approach utilises holistic therapies to treat the person not the disease, preventing pain anUd illness. This requires a healthy food plan, a stress free lifestyle, regular and progressive exercise and freedom from injury and ill health.

Our health and performance clinic is devoted to helping you improve your health. We work with you to identify an achievable goal and create a course of treatment which offers continual education, guidance and support.

If you want to make a difference to your life, select the link: nutrition and lifestyle, performance or rehabilitation to find out more about how we will help you achieve your optimal health. Or contact us to arrange your complimentary consultation.